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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Injuries: Ice It Or Heat It?

I want to quickly share two tips on how to manage acute injuries. You probably know these already. Still, I would like to write about it for moms (like me!) who sometimes forget what to do. You know, mom brain! I am taking an online course about home remedies and this was mentioned so I thought it would be nice to share.

How to treat soft tissue injuries (STI)? Sometimes we are not sure whether to apply cold or hot compress. Remember these two things:

1. If it involves swelling, apply cold compress and remember this acronym - PRICE.
  • Protection - make sure the injured area is protected from further injury
  • Rest - avoid activities that will make the situation worse
  • Ice - apply cold compress to reduce swelling and pain, at least 10 minutes every hour
  • Compression - use a wrap or a bandage to apply pressure on the injured area
  • Elevation - (if possible) raise the injured area to prevent fluid accumulation that can cause more pain and swelling

2. For pain that doesn't involve swelling, do what feels best. Heat or ice can reduce pain when applied to the injury. Either will help you relax the muscles or tissues that are affected.
  • Cold / Hot compress
  • Hot shower or bath
  • Running water - warm or cold
  • ...any many more

Of course if not getting better, seek medical attention. These are just suggestions on what to do right away to relieve pain and promote healing.

Thanks for reading and 'til my next post!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Why I Love Drinking Coffee

I don't remember exactly when I started drinking coffee. I know I was very young, perhaps around preschool or younger. I am not kidding!
My grandma used to sell beans and other legumes in the public market of the town where I grew up. She also sold ground coffee beans. They had this area in their yard, next to the dirty kitchen, a separate small shed where they roast and grind coffee beans. I can still picture (in my head) my late grandfather roasting coffee beans while whistling tunes of folk songs. That is how I gained knowledge of how coffee is made.
I like it simple - coffee, creamer and sugar (if the creamer is not sweetened). Once in a while, I indulge with the flavored, fancy-named coffees in shops or drive-thru's. Home brewed is still my favorite. I had my fair share of drinking instant coffee too - it is still coffee, quick and easy to prepare and a lot cheaper. I do not mind drinking instant coffee but if there is freshly brewed ground coffee, I would choose the latter.

I know too much caffeine is not good but I always think more of the benefits of drinking this awesome hot beverage. I am sure you have read articles or watched videos about the benefits of coffee like I did and I am not going to enumerate them here. I do, however, want to share my reasons for loving coffee.

First, it helps me start my day right. I feel like it is difficult for me to get my morning going if I haven't had my coffee. Can you relate?

Second, it helps me keep warm (Duh!). I am the type who gets cold easily so coffee is a basic necessity especially during the cold seasons. I drink tea and wine too in case you wanted to know.

Lastly, it reminds me of my childhood and culture. The good memories, my family and relatives... Ah, there is so much to reminisce! It all comes back to me as soon as I smell that strong fragrant invigorating aroma of coffee.

How about you, why do you drink coffee?

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