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Friday, October 20, 2017

My Story, My Opportunity

I am a stay-at-home mom living in Michigan. I used to work in an office until I got married and then had a baby. When I was single and younger, I enjoyed going to school and liked going to work. Staying at home is not really what I thought I would do. So as soon as I adjusted to being a mother, I started looking into some online gigs. Don't get me wrong, I like being a stay-at-home mom and my husband is a really good provider. I am grateful that I have this opportunity to raise my own child. I consider it a blessing! I wanted to do things to keep my mind busy as I easily get bored with daily routines.

I did quite a few online work. I became a virtual assistant and consultant of a few direct selling companies. These occupied me for a few years and I considered these as my hobbies. I can say being a virtual assistant is a good income potential if you have the required skills and time for the jobs you select. You just need to be careful of being scammed and not get paid. As for direct selling, it is fun doing it online but not much return, at least for me. I spent more than what I made because I was more of a customer. (Chuckles!) Until recently, I joined an awesome store that manufacture their own products.

I’m a Preferred Customer and Independent Marketing Executive for an online wellness company, like a grocery store, based in Idaho. The first thing that attracted me to this company is the kind of products they offer - better and safer products for your home. Their products are environmental friendly and more economical than the national brands. These are the products that every family uses and buys on regular basis and they are all non-toxic, natural-based and plant-derived. They are aimed to provide you with better health, a safer non-toxic home and a better value for your money.

Prior to joining this awesome company, I've been thinking and reading about how these products that we use everyday can affect our well-being. I was also influenced by a friend who is very passionate about healthy food and non-toxic personal care products. So, I decided to make my home a healthier place for my family. I initially intended to enroll as a Preferred Customer because the product prices are 30-50% lesser. While signing-up, I learned that I can also make some extra dollars by opting to become a Marketing Executive at no additional fee. The compensation plan is very promising to those who are willing to work the business. I said to myself, "Why not?! Might as well make some money out of it." 
And so the journey begins...

As a Marketing Executive, I shop monthly and help other people set-up their accounts. I belong to a team of amazing and supportive ladies who provide training and support regularly. By the way, this opportunity is good for guys too or as couples. I share the products I buy and use to show my family and friends how effective they are. I suggest products when asked or as needed but I do not sell them. Generally, all I do is to help/support potential and existing customers  to (1) learn about the benefits of becoming a customer, (2) set-up their accounts, (3) shop online. The company takes care of all orders, inventory, product delivery and all customer care with a 100% money back guarantee on all products.The more customers you get, the more income you earn. This is not a multilevel marketing, they use a different business model. A lot of promotions and incentives are offered too to motivate and help you build your customers. It is an interesting and exciting job, for me an online job. I intend to do vendor shows or fairs in the near future. The best part of it is I get to stay home with my daughter while working. But I tell you, to be able to make money, you need to work it just like any other job.Hard work pays off.

If you are interested to know more about this opportunity, follow the link below.


  1. That is great you get to work from home. Right now I work full-time and do my business and have a 8-yr old. It's so hard!

    1. Wow, I admire you already! Thanks for your comment!


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