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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Writing A Resume

With all the applications, templates and tips available in the internet, it is now easy to build a resume The question is, is it attractive enough to catch an employer’s attention? I am writing this article for those who seek tips and ideas in writing their resume. Being someone with a background in administration and recruitment, I want to share my ideas in writing a good resume.
1. Include The Basics
A typical resume contains educational background, work experiences and some personal information. It is good to include the dates (i.e. month and year) with your work experiences. I remember writing my very first resume before I graduated college. I just wrote a very simple, one-paged curriculum vitae (CV). It had my basic personal data, education from elementary to college with my achievements per level as well as my extra-curricular activities and I listed my internship as work experience because I never had a paid job until I finished studying. After applying for a position in two different companies, I was hired by one of them as a Management Trainee.
2. It Should Look Professional & Easy To Read
You can use images, fonts and colors you want but make sure that it is understandable at first glance. Having screened thousands of resumes, I have always been interested to go through a resume that is clear and concise. You can search templates or samples that are available in the internet to help you with the formatting. How you create your resume reflects your personality – it can be very formal, artistic, or simple. Personally, I prefer formal styles.
3. It Should Contain Facts (the Truth!)
Always be honest in writing your resume. All information it contains should be the truth about you. I have encountered some applicants who mentioned a skill or two in their CV but did not actually have the required knowledge for the position, some do not have the skill at all. So be sure to only enlist facts or use some phrases like “limited knowledge in ________ but willing to be trained”. Know what position you want to apply for then groom your resume based on the position. When I say “groom”, I mean to highlight the information related to the job you are applying for. Read the Job Description of the advertised position so you will know how to match your resume with it. For example, you want to be a Kindergarten Teacher – make sure to mention that you are a certified Early Childhood Educator or something similar to that; that you did your internship in a school or day care; that you did some part-time jobs as a babysitter whilst studying. Another way to groom a resume is to include your skills and activities especially if it’s related to the job you want – such as your language, typing or driving skills, computer and internet knowledge, first aid certification, sports you are good at, volunteer works, community service, and many other capabilities to let them (your prospective employer) know that you are what they are looking for.
4. Be Ready to Provide Professional References 
Referees are very important because it is a way your prospective employer will have an idea of how you are as an employee. Mention in your resume that you can provide references or include them right away if available. Make sure you have informed the referees that they will be contacted. It will help you build a good impression and reputation. When I was working in a Recruitment Department, we have rejected a few good interviews because of unpleasant references. Yes, employers do call or email them.
I am sure there are many other tips you can find online and I hope this article helps you have a better picture on how to make an excellent resume. Good luck!


  1. Great info. Resumes are a staple item and writing one well is important. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I agree, resumes are a staple... better have them handy.

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  4. I also remember my first resume I made and it was so normal and nothing was up to date.Can you tell me something about call center interviews? I have only link to explore that is http://www.interview-qa.com/call-center-interview-questions-and-answers/.By the way thanks for the help.

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      The first thing that comes to my head about call center interview is that you must be articulate, friendly and self-confident. Experience is always a plus, if not required. I am not familiar with this area but think about how you want to talk to a customer service rep over the phone - knowledgeable, articulate, friendly, helpful. So during an interview, show them these characteristics and I think you will definitely have a chance.

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