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Monday, January 1, 2018

My Favorite Lotion for Dry Skin

My skin and my daughter's are dry. I've had cracked and scaly hands every winter. My little girl's legs, thighs and arms always had rashes - she suffers from eczema triggered by some food allergies. We were miserable at some point every winter. I used different store-bought lotions and creams over the years. They've helped my skin but I have to reapply often during the day and that wasn't really practical and it was inconvenient for me. I used prescribed and OTC creams too for my daughter's skin. I even made my own cream/balm to help soothe her dry skin and eczema.

A few months ago, I joined a shopping club and one of the online store's products is a lotion, a clinically tested lotion that outperformed the original Eucerin and proven to be seven times more effective in addressing dry skin. From personal experience, I can say this is the best dry skin therapy for me. I use it all over my body and it totally helped me deal with my dry skin. This is the first winter, so far, that I did not suffer from cracked fingertips due to dryness. I use it on my daughter's thighs and arms too and her skin really improved much ever since. Her legs and arms are no longer dry and the persistent rashes on both her thighs are gone. Of course improving her diet and giving her probiotics and multivitamins (from same online store) also played roles. But before this lotion, even if we avoid what she is allergic to, she still gets the rashes. I am so glad we found this great product! I plan on using the bath oil too which I can apply after shower and add in her bath. Feel free contact me if you want to try this lotion. I am not selling but I have a few samples.

Before and after photos of my daughter's arms after a few days of applying Renew.

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